Violence is the excuse repressive governments use to take freedoms from their citizens.  Non-Violent resistance to evil by force is the answer because it exposes the lie of our society.  We are told by our rulers that they must use violence to protect us from those who are more violent and terrible then they.  Therefore when non-violent protestors are beaten and pepper sprayed by our government, they expose their true nature.

They tell us they are the good guys.  But do good guys beat and pepper spray non-violent protestors?  Do good guys start wars for reasons that turn out to be false?  Do good guys make up 3% of the world’s population and have by far the most people in their jails?  The answer of course is no, but getting people to believe this is a very difficult thing.  The key is non-violence.

When our government beats and arrests non-violent protestors it forces the average American to take a hard look at what is going on and ask themselves, who are the bad guys here?  We have always been taught that bad guys are the ones who are powerful and pick on those who are weak.  So when we see our strong government picking on its own non-violent citizens, we have no choice but to believe the truth, that our government is violent and repressive.

If the protestors were to ever deviate from the non-violent path, it would validate our government’s violent repression.  That is what our government is waiting for.  They WANT the protests to turn violent.  Violence will then justify a like response and the movement will lose all credibility.  Non-violence forces people to look unflinchingly at what they have turned a blind eye to for over 10 years now.  The fact that our land of the free, has become a place where people profit from repression and murder.  That reality is shown every time a pregnant women and an 80 year old woman get pepper sprayed:

THIS IS REALITY!  Our government is attacking it’s own non-violent citizens.  It’s mask has been taken off and it’s true face has been revealed.  It is time for us to ask ourselves, which side are we on.  Do we cower in fear and side with the repressors, or do we embrace freedom no matter the cost and support the repressed.  For me the choice is obvious.