So I have obviously been updating this blog with a lot of Annie Dookhan stuff recently.  This “stuff” is derived from emails obtained from the  Department of Public Health. It took over a year to get these emails and they paint a clear picture of what really happened while Dookhan worked as a chemist for the DPH.

I have been following the Dookhan case since it first broke back in September of 2012.  She was fired from the Hinton Lab for a number of offenses including breaching lab protocols for the improper handling drug samples. She got caught testing 90 samples from Norfolk County without properly signing them out with the evidence officer.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal right?  Who cares if she forgets to check things out properly?  Well it was a big deal because somehow, Dookhan had access to the evidence safe.  She got those samples without the knowledge of the evidence officer or anyone else in the lab.  When I read that in the Globe, something just didn’t make sense.

Why would she check out 90 samples for Norfolk county and put her job at risk?  The state explained that she was just a hard worker.  She had good intentions but had a burning desire to succeed so she bent the rules to test as many samples as she could.  She wanted to do a good job and help the underfunded lab test as many samples as she could.  At least that’s what they wanted people to believe.

Then, a few days before Christmas in 2012, the Globe wrote an article entitled “Emails show close ties between Dookhan and the DAs office”.  That got my attention but apparently I was almost alone in the that regard.  This story painted a very different picture of Dookhan then what the state said.  It showed emails where she was flirting with an ADA and saying that she wanted to “Take drug dealers off the streets”.

One ADA even told Dookhan exactly how much he needed drugs to weigh to get a trafficking conviction and she came back shortly after with an amount 30 pounds over the required weight.  It seemed really sketchy to say the least.  But what was even sketchier was the total silence of the Boston media on this angle of the story.  Almost no one else reported this.  Just this one article in the globe a few days before Christmas then nada.

Something was wrong and no one wanted to find out what it seemed.  That pissed me off so then I started looking for stuff.  The first thing I found was her arrest report…