So Abby Haglage of The Daily Beast wrote a piece on Dookhan:

The piece was about how, after four years, MA has done little to nothing to help fix the mess that Dookhan created.  She states that only one percent of the over 24,000 cases have actually been discovered and resolved by the state.

She also makes a rather curious assertion:

Hired as a chemist in 2003, Dookhan—the daughter of immigrants—was known as a star employee at the state drug lab. It was her obsession with maintaining a perfect image, according to The Boston Globe, that drove her to falsify drug evidence for years. Her crimes were not necessarily motivated by malice, but by the desire to be valued for her speed. And for a while, she was very speedy.

So Dookhan was just working too darn fast!  That’s it.  Who cares that she wrote an email to one of her ADA buddies saying she was going to give a defendant an extra 10 years if she had to drive to Brockton and he stipulates.  That was all just part of the hard work and joking around with her coworkers.

Jokes about adding 10 years

The only problem is she was just a chemist testing drug evidence.  Right?  Or was she something different?  Was she friends with the police and ADAs perhaps?  Perhaps they even considered her an indispensable part of their prosecution team.  Afterall, like one prosecutor said:

Convict him faster

When Dookhan testifies they convicted defendants faster.  Because again, these defendants were pieces of crap.  Just ask the only ADA who resigned because of this case:

Piece Of Crap

So if you’re a chemist and testing evidence for a defendant who an ADA calls a guy a piece of crap, wouldn’t you make sure that that piece of crap was convicted regardless of what your testing says?  You would do exactly what Dookhan did according to MA Assistant Attorney General John Vernor. Grab a pile of 15-20 drug samples, test only five of them, then list them all as positive.

That’s 15-20 more pieces of crap taken off the streets.  Now multiply that by 24k and you get the idea.  She wasn’t trying to be speedy, she was trying to do the right thing and keep people safe from the people that the MA ADAs called pieces of crap.  That way too she gets to keep her reputation as the most efficient chemist in the lab too.  So it was a win win really.

There has been so much blatant misinformation about Dookhan’s motive in this case that one has to stop and think that it almost HAS to be intentional at this point.  There is no desire by the news media or the state police to actually investigate this case and get to the truth.

Why?  Because the ADAs who were involved in these cases are covering up her true motive to protect themselves.  This case isn’t about one chemist. It is about self preservation and controlling the narrative.  The media just laps up anything the police tell them, almost without question and simply regurgitates it to the public.

So the reason nothing is getting done with the 24k cases of wrongful conviction isn’t due to incompetence on the part of the MA ADAs.  They are simply ensuring that their corrupt criminal justice system remains in tack and are waiting out everyone’s prison sentence so they don’t have to release people from jail early. Because, as they stated over and over again to their friend Dookhan, these people who are in jail are pieces of crap and you don’t let pieces of crap out of jail early.