By far the most fascinating and under reported aspect of the Dookhan case was Annie Dookhan’s relationship with Norfolk County ADA George Papachristos.  Dookhan had a massive, creepy crush on the former Norfolk County ADA or “GEORGIIIEEEEEE” as she once gushingly referred to him in an email.

Unfortunately for Annie, I don’t think the feeling was mutual.  From all the emails I’ve seen Dookhan was smitten but old George stuck her in the friend zone.  The poor dear.  Just because she was in the friend zone with an ADA she was testifying in cases for, that didn’t really deter her from trying though.  Afterall, he was DREAMY:

Annie Love Poem to George

Dookhan changed the words to the song Belle (Small Town) from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to express her feelings for her “Tall, Dark Strong and Handsome Crush Dude”

I received the above poem Dookhan wrote about her “crush dude” from the Department of Public Health after trying for a year to get all of Dookhan’s emails with MA ADAs.  Her emails show, beyond a shaddow of a doubt, that Dookhan wanted to help her “crush dude” and all of her other friends in the ADAs offices around MA win their cases.

In one email, Papachristos actually tells Dookhan exactly how much the evidence Dookhan is testing needs to weigh to get a trafficking conviction and adds “Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED…”


In these emails Dookhan jokes about adding years to defendant’s sentences for pissing her off and making her testify.  She also says defendants should be locked up and have the key thrown away.  Remember this is a woman who admitted to intentionally changing negative drug results to positive to the police when she was arrested.

Since this case broke people have wondered why someone would do something like this.  The explanation from the state and the media has always been she was just rushing to do more cases to get promoted.  They have told the public this despite being fully aware what she was saying to the ADAs.  The state and the media don’t want to tell the people the truth because that would force the state to admit that the drug war is completely rigged.

That statement isn’t based on the rantings of a madman. That is based on a chemist repeatedly telling ADAs how badly she wanted to put people away.  That is based on emails from top level DPH officials where they talk about Dookhan having pictures of Papachristos on her desktop when she was fired and that was her motive for doing what she did:

DPH Investigation

So after four years of investigating this, my question is why doesn’t anyone care about it?  Why does no one care that a chemist was in love with an ADA and rigged evidence to help him convict people.  It seems like a fascianting story to me.  But, sadly, I feel like I am a lone voice in the wilderness on this issue.